Reviews 2

'Curator's Choice: Eight by Eight'

Heckscher Museum of Art  2 Prime Av. Huntington.

To Aug. 31. 1997


This third edition of the museum's continuing, though intermittent, series proves that the format offers an excellent formula for showcasing contemporary Long Island art. Curators or directors of other institutions are each asked to invite a participant and the choices usually target those who have something significant to say.


Selections were made by Ita Berkow (Museums at Stony Brook), Rhonda Cooper (Staller Center for the Arts), Jamie Ellin Forbes (Fine Arts Museum of Long Island), Marilyn Goldstein (Hillwood Art Museum), Helen Harrison (Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center), Janet Marzo (Firehouse Gallery), Donna Stein (Guild Hall) and Catherine Valenza (Islip Art Museum). Their choices were Daniel O'Sullivan, Maren Hassinger, Marcia Bramwell, Gregory Corn, Ted Victoria, Eleanor Honig, Dan Rizzie and James Fischetti.


Guns, a cultural icon of a different sort, are buried in several of Mr. Fischetti's roughly pigmented, gestural works that are made to seem all the more aggressive with multiple naillike projections. Dual energies in each piece come from their fetish aspect and their vigorous paint strokes.